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Lou Tomasi photo
Lou Tomasi

John Garton photo
John Garton 1955-1980

Wayne McLean photo
Wayne McLean 1964-1969

Dave Dawson photo
Dave Dawson (1965-1971)

Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds (1977-1999)

Gene Stevens photoGene Stevens (1971-1972)

Bill Gay photo
Bill Gay

Jerry Johnson photo
Jerry Johnson (1969-1972)

Paul Edwards checks in

Watch the video of the 2010 CHYR Reunion here (200 mb) Southshore Broadcasting

Read The Day Stompin' Tom visited CHYR
By Dave Mather

Dave Dawson airchecks. Click here.

How CHYR found my wife by Dave Mather

Vintage CHYR documents. Click on the CJSP Fascinatin' Fifty for more.

What do the studios look like today? They're now above the Canadian Legion. Click to  view.

A note from the originator of this website

This year's annual CHYR Reunion is at Ray’s Ribhouse in Leamington.  So, please mark down on your calendar, Friday, April 17, 2015 as our special date this year to get together and meet friends and co-workers from years gone by.  Doors open at 6 pm and dinner gets underway around 7 pm. Email Paul Bunnett Jones for more information:

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Thanks to David G.Barras, South Shields, England UK, we now have Lou's unique presentation of the CHYR Fine Tuning Time as well as other vintage CHYR Pepper-Tanner jingles.

Fine Tuning Time
CHYR jingles

The top of the hour ID that Lou adapted from a CHYR PAMS jingle. Here is the one from WEEP Pittsgurgh for reference.

Other non-CHYR IDs and jingles
Top Of The Hour Number One Then Teletype News sounder Leamington video An audio mind excursion PAMS montage 1050 CHUM

More memorabilia here, thanks to Scott Holland and Paul Bunnett-Jones

  Dave Dawson interviews Andy Kim

  Chuck Reynolds signs off article in Leamington Post - Sept. 1999

(click to read)
Chuck Reynolds signs off thumbnail

1980 staff photos. View them here.

2012 reunion photos added here!
View the photos and read the article about the 2012 CHYR reunion here.

CHYR 2012 reunion photo
CHYR 2012 Reunion January 13, Click to view more photos (All photos by Dave or Kathie Mather)
Newcomers this year included Cordell Green (2003-2012), Eugene Barna (1960-79), Jennifer Fernandes ("Sunny the Cactus") (1983-84), Dustyn Janzen (1997-2012), Jim Weir  ("Y.R. Porter) (1967-69), John Garton (1965-80) Doris Garton (1967-68), John MacKey (1960-64), Melinda Drake (1975-80), Ron Burgoyne (1957-64), Ted Lovell (1994-98) and Tony DeSantis (1976-79)

CHYR studios photo

Original CHYR location photoOriginal CHYR location at 23 Erie Street North

Photo of back of CHYR studios
Out back

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